Training & Education

Building of capacity both at the individual and community level through need based training and education. Traditional skills, transfer of skills, strengthening of skills, natural roles, community work and holistic thinking are the key areas for training and education.

June 2003 – Refresher Course for teachers of Sattriya Dance at the Kristi Bikas Kendra, Paltanbazar, Guwahati.

2 to 11 July 2014 – Sponsored and participated on a Workshop on Mask-Making organised by Satkara, a society for propagating Sattriya Culture.



Sanskritik Mission(s) is the third level of our Organization. The creation of such Mission(s) are the direct fallout of our follow-up work since the Setubandha 2012 programme at Guwahati or at Gohpur in 2013 and Dhubri in 2015.

These missions are the local chapters, the extension of the Trust at the grassroots, manned by local people of the area. In this aspect we have been successful in Jengraimukh, Majuli because as a part of our follow-up plan for Setubandha Programme 2012, we started our regular classes from Nitomtuli in Jengraimukh, Majuli Since May 2012. Today in Majuli in and around Jengraimukh area we have regular classes in the following Centres –


Jambud Chauk


Naya Bazar



Aug, 2005 – Workshop on Ankiya Bhaona at Amguri, Sivasagar.

Aug., 2005 – Workshop on Sattriya Dance at Jorhat.

18 to 24 Sept 2013 – Workshop on Borgeet and Mati-Akhara at Tingri Village, Gogamukh, Dhemaji District

5 Mar to 3 April 2014 – Workshop on Bhaona amongst the tea community at Rajgarh, Dibrugarh district

1 Feb. to 12 Mar. 2015 – Workshops organized in two places (i) Sattrasal in Dhubri district to produce Ram-Vijay bhaona and (ii) Madati in Kokrajhar to produce Rukmini Haron bhaona

5 July to 1 August 2015 – Workshop on Mati-Akhara, Nritya, Geet, Badya, Abhinaya and Aharjya at Jinkata Rajohuwa Sattra, Jinkata, Dhubri