Socio-economic Initiatives

Promotion of community based production systems by enhancing traditional skills with the help of inherited craftsmanship as well as by using modern technology. We also undertake activities and campaigns for improvement of quality and standard of living of the marginalised groups.


Abhiyan Niramoy

Since 2011 we have been working in Jengraimukh in Majuli from where in March 2012 we had produced a bhaona in Mising language. Since then we have had regular work there and in adjoining areas in Majuli and at present we have four centres there. In 2012 after the major flood we had organised health camps in Jengraimukh, Bhakatiduwar and Shikoli Chapori and later had also organised a health camp for the cattle population of Sikholi Chapori.

18 to 21 Oct 2012 – Abhiyan Niramoi – Phase I – Health Camp at Sikali Chapori and Bhakati Duwar, Majuli.

2 Nov. 2012 – Abhiyan Niramoi – Phase II – Cattle Care at Sikali Chapori, Majuli.

27 & 28 August 2016 – Abhiyan Niramoi – Phase III – Medical Camp at Koritipar GP and both Medical and Veterinary Camp at Bilotiya under Dakshin Ahotoguri GP.

April 2012 – Economic-Survey in Jengraimukh 2012

April 2012 – Training on Goat Rearing

2013 – Distribution of Yarn through SNEHPAD