Research, Documentation and Publication

Documentation in audio, video, written / printed forms of the systems and practices prevailing in the society. While doing so we undertake research work by engaging experts and practitioners for scientific enquiry as per requirements of the projects undertaken.

2004 – Project Sahacharya – a yearlong participatory research programme to find the root cause of hiatus between indigenous and non-indigenous communities of Assam with the support from Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India.

Oct. 2004 – Seminar on Contribution of Aniruddha Deva at Kumar Bhaskar Natya Mandir, Guwahati.

Nov-Dec 2011 – The nat kata work of bhaona in Mising and Bodo language.

July 2015 – Manuscripts in Cooach Behar.

As a part of our follow up of Setubandha 2015 in Dhubri district we deputed a team under the guidance of Dr Biman Bhuyan of Dhing College to the North Bengal State Library in Cooch-Behar, West Bengal to find about manuscripts written by Srimanata Sankardeva lying there about whom we had heard about. A report about their visit speaks about the same.

30 Aug. 2015 – Interactive Sessions titled ‘Abolokon – Quest for Light’ which we plan to have at regular intervals relating to a host of issues concerning the Northeast Region and its Development. Session I on 30 Aug. 2015 was on ‘Dynamics of the rebel bases in Myanmar – Analysis of Indo-China Interests’ in the Conference Hall of NIPCCD, Khanapara, Guwahati.

June 2016 – ‘Study on Crime against Property in Kamrup District: Decoding the Role of Psycho-Social Factors’ in collaboration with faculty members from TISS, Guwahati Campus. This study has been designed with the idea of understanding the socio-cultural factors that leads one to commit a crime. While we are aware about the efforts of the administration to ensure a crime-free society, there seem to be a distinct absence of a scientific approach to unearth the magnitude of the problem, adequacy or lack of existing response mechanisms and exploration of reason-d-etre of the facts in issue.


March 2012 – The Setubandha book titled ‘Anunad : Srimanta Sankar Aru Asamiya Sanskriti’, a collection of essays on Srimanta Sankaradeva and Assamese culture, which was compiled by Shri Ranjit Kumar Dev Goswami and released by Shri H K Deka, noted litterateur and former DGP, Assam Police.

Dec 2013 – The Setubandha 2013 book titled ‘Setubandha Kari Nare’, a collection of articles on Sattras and the harmonious relationships in the society. This book was edited by Dr Pradipjyoti Mahanta and Dr Madhab Borah and
the same was released by Dr Anjan Ojha, Principal of Chaiduwar College.

March 2015 – The Setubandha 2015 book titled ‘Xukladhwaj – Axomia Xatta, Xamannoi aru Kamata Aityajya’ edited by Sjt Bhaskarjyoti Mahanta was released by Sjt Durlav Chumua, President, Koch Rajbongshi Sanmiloni and MLA, Nagaon Sadar. The book release function was conducted by Dr Nirupama Mahanta.