Parichanna Jeevan

Parichanna Jeevan

As a continuous process of Setubandha, we said that besides the regular classes on Sattriya and Cross-cultural learning, we will try to address local issues affecting the lives of the people associated with our Sanskritik Mission provided we find them cooperative and responsible. In Jengraimukh, where we started our the first chapter of Jengraimukh Sanskritik Mission, we are planning to address the sanitation issue in that area.

With this aim in view the Srimanta Foundation team visited the Jengraimukh area with the following purposes:

(i) To make a ground assessment on the Sanitation facilities at our students homes in the four places where our classes are going on – Pilot Survey.
(ii) Review our classes in these four places.

Team Members: Dipankar Mahanta and Shantana Saikia (outstation members) along with Debiram Pegu and Malbhog Saikia (local members) and support from Hem Ch Doley (logistics) and Pranab Bora from Phuloni (for video & photography).

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December 20, 2016