Srimanta Foundation for Culture and Society, a Charitable Trust was formally launched on 8 April 2003 in a programme inaugurated by Lt General (Retd.) S.K.Singha, the then Governor of Assam at Rabindra Bhawan, Guwahati.

Under the leadership of Late Kesavananda Dev Goswami as the President of the Trust the other trustees who joined the organization were Dr Pradipjyoti Mahanta, Shri Ghana Kanta Borbayan, Dr Jagannath Mahanta, Dr Nirupama Mahanta, Shri Bhaskarjyoti Mahanta and Smt Minoti Choudhury.

The organization was established with a view to work towards upholding and preserving the abiding values of non-violence and humanism, peace and development, human unification and social integration in Assam, the Northeast and other parts of the country.

The Foundation’s first programme was to organise a Refresher Course for teachers of Sattriya Dance at the Kristi Bikas Kendra, Paltanbazar, Guwahati during June 2003. This was followed up by a National Seminar on Sankaradeva at New Delhi on 3 Nov., 2003 which was inaugurated by Dr (Smt) Kapila Vatsyayan and the Sattriya Dance Recital was inaugurated by Mamoni Raisom Goswami.

Srimanta Foundation in collaboration with the Asom Satra Mahasabha, the apex organization of the Sattras in Assam, had for the first time organized the Setubandha programme in September 2003 in Guwahati. In the background of a divided Assamese society and the growing separatist tendencies amongst the ethnic communities, these two non-governmental organizations designed this programme to spread the message of brotherhood and peace amongst the various communities of Assam. Bhaona which has been the chief medium in this programme and a time tested vehicle was used to get across to the people to build bridge of social harmony through this programme. This Setubandha Programme was subsequently organised bi-annually by the Asom Sattra Mahasabha in various parts the state.

The Foundation’s work continued and the major activities which were carried out are being listed in the Activity List.

In the year 2011, a few of the trustee’s viz., Dr Pradipjyoti Mahanta, Shri Ghana Kanta Borbayan, Dr Jaganath Mahanta and Smt Minoti Choudhury because of their personal inability resigned from their trusteeship and accordingly the Trust was reconstituted with the remaining trustees and a new member Shri Dipankar Mahanta was inducted as a Trustee.