Organisation Structure

The Trust is organized in a three level structure with the Board of Trustees as the highest body of authority to manage its activities in collaboration with the second level (Council of Members) which is advisory in nature and finally. The activities will be  implemented with the direct involvement of the cutting-edge component which is the third level (Sanskritik Missions). This being the implementing Agency on ground, is the primary focus area of the Trust.

Board of Trustee

The Board of Trustee is a four member team which is the highest decision making body. With inputs from the Council of Members and the Sanskritik Missions, the Trustees plan and decide on the work of the Trust. The Trustees meet once in six months to review and plan the work of the Trust.

Council of Members

The second level of the organization is its Council of Members (COM). This council is compose of prominent members of the civil society with major contributions to socio-economic, literary and cultural space and two representatives of the respective Sanskritik Missions. This COM is conveyed by the Trustees and is advisory in nature. It meets once in six months to plan and formulate the work of the Trust in order to pursue the Vision, Mission and Objectives of the Trust.

Sanskritik Mission

The Sanskritik Missions are the Chapters / Primary Units of Srimanta Foundation for Culture and Society (herein after called Srimanta Foundation) at the local level in the grassroots. The name of the place of work becomes the prefix followed by the words ‘Sanskritik Mission’. For e.g.,‘(Name of Place) Sanskritik Mission. This is the third and the cutting edge level of the Trust, for it is at this level where both the inputs and implementation of the work of the Trust takes place. The size of the respective Sanskritik Mission will depend on the coverage of the Trust’s work at the local level and will differ from place to place. A minimum of three members is required to form this Sanskritik Mission who will be responsible to carry out the ‘Initial Work’ planned by the trust at the local level. The Initial Work presently going on is of Sattriya and inter community Cross-Cultural Classes at the local Chapter / Primary Unit. Nature of such Initial Work can also change depending upon any other mandate given to the third level by the Trust as per its Vision, Mission and Objectives.

Methodology of Work

Srimanta Foundation will strive to achieve its objectives and thereby its Vision in a mission mode by implementing the ‘Initial Work’ at the local Chapters / Primary Unit. The Initial Work is starting regular classes in a particular area to impart Sattriya performing art & craft and Folk performing art form(s) as the Cross-Cultural component amongst the children and youths. Once such regular classes gets stabilizes and there is an involvement of the guardians and the local people, then the local Chapter / Primary Unit will be broad based and need based structured programmes and other work will be initiated or undertaken by the Trust to achieve its objectives.